Bernadette Devilat

Virtual Reconstruction (Devilat, 2014, 14:37)

Virtual reconstruction is a video rendered from a 3D laser scanning record done in Chile in January 2013 in the heritage villages of San Lorenzo de Tarapacá and Zúniga, both affected by the earthquakes of 2005 and 2010 respectively. The information obtained is highly accurate as it combines laser measurements and photographs to build a colour 3D model of the reality in a short period. The video explores the quality and possibilities that this digital 3D model offers through different camera angles, birds-eye views of all the village and detailed close-ups, where we can even have a glimpse of dwelling conditions. Special thanks to Diego Ramírez, Max Cruz, Fernanda Vargas and Francisca Carter for their help in the onsite data capture.


Bernadette Devilat is a qualified Architect and MArch from the Catholic University of Chile and co-founder of Devilat-Lanuza Architects ( She has been studying re-construction after earthquakes in Chilean heritage areas since the 2005 earthquake when she co-founded the Tarapacá Project. She is currently a PhD candidate and co-director of B-Scan —a 3D laser scanning research cluster— both at The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL.


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