Bihter Almaç

Improbable Architectures, A Self-quest (Almaç, 2015, 15:35)

Improbable Architectures, A Self-quest is part of the Improbable Architectures experiment. The film pursues my self-quest of becoming and designing through an unbounded, non-structured text. It is an attempt of a diagram-documentation. The tools of this diagram are; the IA poems (reR1: A Pack of Nobodies, reR2: Inexhaustible Nature of the Murmur, reR3: Consciousness of Nothing, reR4: Painful Contortions, reR5: Autobiographic Effort of A False Self); the log; 21 numbered unconscious drawings (UC drawings); and the portraits of IA. The documentation is structured through reRs with UC drawings. These drawings mark the end of every work day and the log entries follow them; and, IA portraits appear throughout the process.


Bihter Almaç is a PhD Candidate in Research by Architectural Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Her PhD is funded by HEI Turkey and ITU. Her research mainly focuses on tactics for peculiar creativities to trespass to the architectural unconscious and has been exhibited in the UK and abroad.


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