Ifigeneia Liangi

A Primary School for a Future Nation, Athens (Liangi, 2012, 04:12)

This is a story of magical realism for Athens. The tale of a Primary School that is equivalent to a Nation, running with its own political system and it’s own currency, referring back to the city of Athens through a series of subtle allegories, such as the transformation of Mario Botta’s columns of the National Bank of Greece into watermelon ice-cream columns, or the existence of a Giant at the entrance of the school, controlling the transparency of its economic system by tasting the νεράντζια, the bitter-oranges that spread in the city’s centre.


I was born in Athens, 1988. I graduated from The Bartlett MArch PartII with a distinction and the Sir Banister Fletcher’s medal. I worked for NRS on architecture and exhibition projects, leading “Shakespeare in Ten Acts”, for The British Library. I have been a Teaching Fellow at The Bartlett since 2014 and I am a first year PhD student with the LAHP studentship. I am writing and illustrating a novel.



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