Irene A Kelly

An architectural enquiry into the sublime and beautiful — An aesthetic theory of peace-process landscapes in-between Irelands. (Kelly, 2011/12, 24:45)

I use movement as a tactic by choosing a series of traverses that were not possible to undertake as a civilian during the Northern Ireland conflict: Divis Mountain next to Belfast City which changed hands from military zone to nature reserve; the now navigable Shannon-Erne Waterway; and the borderline hills between Ireland/European Union and Northern Ireland/United Kingdom where the watchtowers once stood.

The garnered film footage works as testimony to a fragile peace-process, which in turn becomes an active archive that generates text. Specific tools that were used at each site to overcome topographical distance — limelight, lock and lens — are deployed once more to make what is considered remote and out of touch, close and tangible.


Irene A Kelly is an architect who has worked for both public and private, award-winning, practices. (RIAI/RIBA – B.Arch. 1H, University College Dublin, Ireland) She has thought in Schools of Architecture in Dublin, London and South Africa. As a Fulbright Scholar, she obtained a MSc in Architecture and Urban Design at Columbia University, NY. Irene is currently completeing an EPSRC — Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council — funded PhD at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London.


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