Ollie Palmer & Simon Valastro

Scriptych (Palmer, 2016, 9:00)

A couple attempt to communicate from afar using an interface which translates their movements into words.

Structured across three micro-acts, Scriptych takes precision in choreography to an extreme, embedding sensors on dancers which measure their movements and control both the music and the words spoken aloud, in real time. The couples’ communication becomes increasingly fragmented as the piece develops, posing questions about the location of meaning in messages and movements, and the impossibility of communicating true intent.

Performed at Opera Garnier de Paris, 18 June 2016

Choreography: Simon Valastro

Dancers: Eve Grinsztajn & Mathieu Contat

Music: Julien Perez & Ollie Palmer

Created during residency at Pavillon Neuflize OBC, research lab of the Palais de Tokyo


Ollie Palmer is an artist, designer and film-maker. His work critically questions control systems and contemporary use of technology, and takes place across installations, films and performances. Projects often include collaborations with scientists, dancers, and other people outside of his own discipline. From 2015-16 he was Pavillon artist-in-residence at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris.


Image : ©️ Christophe Pelé / OnP



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