Quynh Vantu

Kyokai (Inside/Outside): One, (Vantu, 2017, 4:00)

Inside and outside, Kyokai (Inside/Outside) exists as both. This film documents the project Kyokai (Inside/Outside) in Kamiyama, Japan exploring ideas of boundary and threshold. A movement of the body through a layered entry is first created by an engawa, a zone usually transitioning the public and private space of a Japanese house. Moving past the engawa and through a low threshold, the body is elicited to performing an act of humility upon entering the corridor leading to framed-views of the surrounding landscape. This sequence creates an experience of the space through movement and allows the surrounding environment to be discovered by this procession through the space.


Quynh Vantu is an artist and licensed architect from the United States with a studio-based practice devoted to spatial experimentation. Drawing from her upbringing in the “American South”, Vantu is particularly interested in the notion of hospitality and thresholds of social interaction which she is exploring as a PhD candidate at the Bartlett School of Architecture-UCL.



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