Samar Maqusi 

Narrative of a Space (Maqusi, 2014, 15:00)

Situated within the confines of UNRWA borders and Host Country politics, Narrative of a Space tells the story of the other Palestinian space, the Palestinian refugee camp. Constructed over 68 years of protracted refuge, the Palestinian camp demonstrates itself as a spatial archive within the larger Palestinian narrative revealing acts of displacement, aggression, violence, resistance and agency of which its built form is a constant reminder.

Set inside both Baqa’a camp in Jordan, and Burj el Barajneh camp in Lebanon, Narrative of a Space sheds the light on 2 out of 58 Palestinian refugee camps spread throughout the Near East, constructing themselves as elements within a larger spatial apparatus which continuously re-forms itself as it negotiates a precarious geo-politics.


Samar is an architect and urban specialist with 10+ years of experience in international development, including development in conflict-areas. Currently, Samar is conducting her PhD studies at the Bartlett School of Architecture, investigating the production of space inside Palestine refugee camp(s) throughout the 68 years of existence. Samar is also involved in documentary filmmaking, spatial installations, and has exhibited her photography in the US.


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