Thi Phuong-Trâm Nguyen

Cycle 1 | The Imprint and the Hand (Nguyen, 2016, 3min)

The project explores the idea of the longing for the first encounter of the body and the space of wonder. It is based on the movement in the experience of an anamorphic image to reach out toward a meaning not yet known. From a purely visual medium, anamorphic images possess the capacity to evoke an active way of perceiving. Their experience opens up a place for dialogue, in which the body is trying to adjust and engage with both the fictive space of representation and the space of the real. The film speculate on the expansion of the movement of discovery in time.


Phuong-Trâm is a trained architect in Canada, and she is currently pursuing a PhD in Architectural Design at the Bartlett (UCL). Her research address the question of perception beyond the visual realm with the study of anamorphic construction through film and re-enactment. She is also the coordinator of “Film + Place + Architecture”a multi-disciplinary platform, founded by PhD students using filmmaking as a research tool at the Bartlett.


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